C3 Membership Information

Who Can Join?

Although most of our members are teaching in Canadian colleges, we have many members from high schools and universities, and a number from the U.S. Essentially anyone interested in chemical education is welcome to join.

How Much?

The annual membership fee is $20.00 CDN. If you register for our annual conference, your membership fee may be included in the registration fee (check the conference registration page to be sure).

Why Join?

Your membership fee includes the option to attend our annual conference, the opportunity to nominate one of your students for a lucrative C3 Award, and a subscription to our wonderful newsletter, the C3 News. And, you'll be a member of a great group of fun-loving people who happen to enjoy teaching chemistry.

Where Do I Sign Up?

Use our online Membership Application Form.

Need to Renew Your Membership?

You can also our online Membership Application Form to renew your existing membership.

Payment is now available by e-transfer!.


C3 Members.

The annual Fun Run is staged on the final day of the conference each year.

C3 members get to compete for fabulous prizes and bragging rights.


C3 Golf Shirts.

These high quality Golf Shirts are a cool, light weight 100% polyester, available in black or white. Some may still be available. Contact the for more info.