Pictures from the 24th Conference

Conference pictures were taken by Bob Perkins and Bob Browne, but if you have any you would like to see on this page, please send them to me (Bob Browne). Click on any of the images to obtain a larger picture.

The Official Conference Photo

The conference participants watch as the photographer, standing above them on a bridge, momentarily considers throwing himself off because he can't get his flash unit to work.

The Conference Banquet

Left: Dietmar Kennepohl, Roberta Franchuk, and Bob Perkins wrestle with the "two lobsters each" provided at the banquet held at the Blomidon Golf and Country Club. Hey Bob, didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? Centre: Entertainment was supplied by the Townsite Ceilidh Band. Right: Suzanne Gardiner reaches into her bag of tricks to present Bob Perkins with the C3 Award and accompanying goodies.

The Fun Run

6:30 am Saturday morning, a small but (fool)hardy band of runners gathers before the start of the run. Left to right: Shahid Jalil, Pat Draper, Bala Naidoo, John Olson, Bob Perkins, Dawne Smith, Marie Thiesen and Bob Browne. The organizers had planned a few laps of the parking lot at the College, but were quickly informed that tradition required a 5 km run. The revised course went down the hill from the campus, through the streets of the town, and back up the hill to the College. After 25 minutes of work, the guy on the right got the dubious honour of taking the J. Willard Gibbs Trophy home for a year.

The Gros Morne Hike

Top left: Jacky McGuire leads a group of hikers up the Partridge Berry Trail leading to the lookout above the commumity of Trout River. Under her breath she is saying "If I'd known there was this much climbing, I'd never have started this".
Top middle: Suzanne Gardner and Bob Perkins relax at the lookout. Notice how far below the road appears (to the right of the water).
Top right: The first group to arrive at the top.
Bottom middle: Yes, believe it or not, the whole group made it to the top.