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What are these people doing?

Why would seven intellegent people be standing in the woods, looking at a note attached to a flag? If you have to ask, you obviously didn't particplate in the fun run at this year's conference at Niagara College...

You see, this year's fun run was more of a scavenger hunt than a race to the finish line. Martin Smith set up the course on the trails on the escarpment behind the College, and the clues to the identity of a mystery scientist were attached to flags scattered along the way. The first person across the finish line with the correct answer would win the coveted J Willard Gibbs trophy. It turned out to be a bit of a team effort, with Suzanne Pearce's group coming up with the answer: the inventor/scientist Nicola Tesla. There was much whining from the organic chemists that Tesla wasn't a real (read organic) chemist.
The Sessions
The peripatetic Alan Davis (far right) welcomed delegates to the conference, and introduced the keynote speaker on Saturday. Alan had already moved on to a new job: VP Education at Vancouver Community College.

Steve McNeil, the human dynamo, explains how he presents the three competing bonding theories to a first year chemistry class.

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